Samantha Biggs

Hello, I am Samantha or Sam I studied in Interaction Design with a passion for user-centered design and a proven ability to lead teams in developing successful app and website prototypes. I have led teams of 3-5 through Lean UX and Agile methodologies to create user-centered prototypes in projects like Roomease and AdvaTravel. I am highly motivated to leverage my design skills and leadership experience to contribute to a dynamic UX/UI team.

Key Highlights:

Hands-on Project Experience:
Led and participated in multiple design projects, applying methodologies like Lean UX, Agile, and Goal-Directed Design.

User-Centered Approach: Conducted user research, created user personas, and conducted usability testing to ensure user needs were met in app prototypes like Roomease, AdvaTravel, and GameNext.

Team Leadership: Successfully led teams of 3-5 members in project development, fostering collaboration and achieving project goals.

Technical Skills: Developed proficiency in design software (Adobe Suite, Figma) and coding languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to support the design process.

Project management


In college, I have been chosen to be team lead of several of my class projects.

  • Lead peers who were at the same level or higher than myself.
  • Used my skills in communication, problem-solving, and organization in a leadership position.
  • learned the importance of timelines, deadlines, delegating tasks based on skills, and understanding the skills and goals of all team members.
  • Used the Methodologies, Goal Directed Design and Lean UX.

Related Projects:


I Worked at CodeNinja's during the summer before senior year of high school two month into working there I was promoted to Lead.

  • Led kids ages 7-14 in building video games.
  • Managed camp schedules, daily activities, and handled day-to-day issues.
  • Trained new hires, talked to parents about their kids' progress, and implemented team members' ideas.

I Returned to CodeNinja's in summer 2020 as Camp Director.

  • Head of every camp run, including virtual camps due to COVID-19
  • Managed an amazing team.
  • Coached new camp leads and adjusted the curriculum to include more out-of-curriculum activities.
  • Adjusted the curriculum based on kids' interests, such as creating Pokémon and Harry Potter-themed camps.

Currently I work as a Advisor.

  • Assist in solving problems remotely.
  • Provide documentation to past solutions on what worked in the past and how to improve.
  • Come in to inspire new hires and assist in training
  • led workshops related in my current field. For instance a introductory course on Figma, Adobe products, and more.
President of FBLA

In my junior year of high school asked to become vice president of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America.) That role included the tasks of:

  • Managed meetings.
  • Member's contributions.
  • Manage the chapter's website, and more.
  • ensuring clubs organization and documentation

The following year I was voted to become president.

  • Oversaw all club activities.
  • promoting engagement and planning ventures and campaigns.
  • Matched members to tech and business competitions.
  • Developed skill to observe other people's skills and how to utilize them properly.